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What We Do

At the Alaska T/TA Center, we work to strengthen the capacity of Native organizations in Alaska to develop, apply for, and manage community-based projects that increase self-sufficiency and achieve ANA’s vision that “Native Communities are Thriving.” As a Resource of the Administration for Native Americans, we can provide you with access to tools, resources, training, and technical assistance. Call our office today to determine your eligibility for funding and technical assistance for your project.

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Training Opportunities


In this three-day training, participants gain a foundation for creating a community-based project and grant writing skills. Join us at these locations and dates:

With this information, you will have the ability to adapt your ideas into your community, any project, and any funder.

Registration will open for the other locations soon!

Community Project Planning 101

Do you have a project you like to see put into action in your community? Maybe you are interested in starting a language revitalization program or a new economic development program. We can help you get started!

If you are part of an Alaska Native non-profit or tribal village organization join us for this one-day beginner’s workshop, Community Project Planning 101. You will be introduced to community planning basics and what is needed long before seeking funding.

Alaska Region Training & Technical Assistance Center, a resource of the Administration for Native Americans, is seeking an invitation to present this important training in your region. We hope to have at least three tribal, village, or Native non-profit organizations attend for each sub-region. If you would like to host this event for your community.

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WEBINARS from Alaska Region

2018 Understanding the ANA Annual Data Report Webinar
on October 11 a.m. Alaska Time

Join us for a live demonstration of how to access and complete your Annual Data Report (ADR). Learn the ins and outs of whom to communicate with if you have any questions, important dates to remember, and what goes into completing your organizations ADR.

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WEBINARS from other ANA Regions

Look for updates soon.

NEW Virtual Hands-on CLinics

Introducing the Alaska Region Virtual Hands-On Clinics, a new training platform from The Alaska Region T/TA Center. Look for more details soon!

We just completed a series of clinics for GRANTS.GOV WORKSPACE and we are excited to present more training opportunities in the near future.

The aim of out virtual lab is to provide a hands-on experience with a range of topics that are suitable for one-on-one interactions. For those that cannot travel for training, we are pleased to offer our new Virtual Hands-On Clinics accessible across the entire Alaska Region from anyplace that has broadband services.

Technical Assistance

We provide Native organizations with a wide range of technical assistance, from organizational development, project planning, and application development to grants administration and project sustainability.

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Training & Webinars

We provide a range of trainings on project development, ANA application development and grant administration, as well as a growing library of online webinars and courses covering community development.

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Our resource library compliments our training & technical assistance program and covers project development, ANA application development and grants management, as well as community development program areas.

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ANA promotes self-sufficiency for Native Americans by providing discretionary grant funding for community based projects, and training and technical assistance to eligible tribes and native organizations.

To view “About ANA” in YouTube, click here.

Social and Economic Development (SEDS)

The SEDS program supports the principle that social and economic development are inter-related and essential for the development of healthy, self-sufficient Native American communities. ANA emphasizes social and economic development projects that promote the establishment and maintenance of diversified local economies, the preservation of Native American cultures, and programs and services that safeguard the health and well-being of Native Americans.

Native Languages Preservation and Maintenance

The Native Language Preservation and Maintenance program supports the revitalization of Native American languages to ensure the survival and continuing vitality of these languages and the cultures of native peoples for future generations.

Esther Martinez Immersion

The Esther Martinez Immersion supports the revitalization of Native American languages to ensure the survival and continuing vitality of these languages and the culture of native peoples for future generations. Immersion and Restoration grant funding is awarded in accordance with the Ester Martinez Native American Languages Preservation Act of 2006 to Native American language nests, survival schools, and restoration programs for teachers of Native American languages; and, develops instructional materials for the programs.

Environmental Regulatory Enhancement

In 1990, NAPA was amended to strengthen tribal government capacity to identify, plan, develop, and implement environmental programs that will bolster regulatory efforts in a manner that is consistent with a Tribe’s cultural preservation and natural resource management priorities. Ultimate success in this program will be realized when the applicant’s desired level of environmental quality is acquired and maintained.

Alaska SEDS-AK

The Alaska SEDS Program is focused on community-driven projects designed to grow local economies, strengthen Alaskan Native families, including the preservation of Alaskan Native American cultures, and decrease the high rate of current challenges caused by the lack of community-based businesses, and social and economic infrastructure in Alaskan Native communities.

Native Youth Initiative for Leadership, Empowerment, and Development (I-LEAD)

The purpose of Native Youth Initiative for Leadership, Empowerment, and Development (Native Youth I-LEAD) is to support local community projects that foster Native youth resiliency, and to empower Native youth across four broad domains of activity: (1) Native youth leading (leadership development), (2) Native youth connection (building positive identity, community connection, and social-emotional health), (3) Native youth learning (educational success), and (4) Native youth working (workforce readiness). These domains, combined with promotion of the role of supportive adults, form a framework for inter-related strategies that support capacity building, inter-generational engagement and understandings, and the empowerment and self-development of Native youth.

Current ANA Grantee Map

Use this map to see what other peers are doing around the country and the state.  See what awards have been distributed and what types of projects are currently in process.

Visit the Administration of Native Americans federal website.


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