There are several types of training that the Alaska Region T/TA Center can provide. Please see below for details and don’t hesitate to call.


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Training & Events 

2020 Virtual Pre-Application Training
April 6 - 8, 2020 (Session I-III)
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WEBINARS from Alaska Region

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WEBINARS from other ANA Regions

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NEW Virtual Hands-on CLinics

Introducing the Alaska Region Virtual Hands-On Clinics, a new training platform from The Alaska Region T/TA Center. Look for more details soon!

We just completed a series of clinics for GRANTS.GOV WORKSPACE and we are excited to present more training opportunities in the near future.

The aim of out virtual lab is to provide a hands-on experience with a range of topics that are suitable for one-on-one interactions. For those that cannot travel for training, we are pleased to offer our new Virtual Hands-On Clinics accessible across the entire Alaska Region from anyplace that has broadband services.


The Alaska Region T/TA Center provides special training to plan and implement your community-based project.  To learn more about the different types of training available, please read further.


Sometimes nothing beats being in a room with professionals and being able to ask questions of them directly.  These trainings are designed to help you strategize and navigate what can seem to be a pretty daunting task.


Webinars allow people to receive training in a host of different areas without being physically in a room.  Sign up and receive access to ask questions and engage with the presenters.

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On-Demand Online Training

We are developing an online learning platform for users so they can work at their own pace through some of the different aspects of the application and reporting process.  This tool is still under development, but is available for users to use and explore.

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Project Planning & Development (PPD)

Participants gain a foundation for creating a community-based project and grant writing skills.

Topics addressed include:

  • Defining the Community Condition
  • Project Goal Setting
  • Identifying Resources and Partnerships
  • Establishing Objectives
  • Determining Deliverables – Outcomes, Measures, Data Collection
  • Developing an Approach and Workplan
  • Determining Outputs
  • Identify Staffing Needs and Potential Challenges
  • Creating a Sustainability Plan
  • Determining Project Costs

With this information you will have the ability to adapt them to any community, any project, and any funder.

Pre-Application Training

Participants take their well-developed project and learn hands-on information about how to assemble an application specific to ANA’s funding announcement and requirements.

If you are applying this year don’t miss this workshop, which includes Funding Opportunity Announcement changes.

Bring a laptop and project narrative.

Post Award Training

Learn the fundamentals of ANA grant management, administration and reporting.

This is a requirement for a new award.

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Webinars allow people to receive training in a host of different areas without being physically in a room.  Sign up and receive access to ask questions and engage with the presenters.

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We archive all the webinars that we do so that you will have access to them while you are preparing or thinking of developing your projects.

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